Dues Increase Begins June 1, 2024 

Dues will increase to $145 beginning with the June 1st payment. This amount is temporary and will revert to $115 in June 2025. 


Spring Semi-Annual Community Meeting 

The SCCA held its Spring Semi-Annual Community Meeting Sun. April 28, 2024.

Meeting minutes have been distributed.


Facebook Group Replacing Facebook Page:

There is now a private Facebook Group called Hillcrest Summit Townhomes Community

Click the link above to request membership in the group.

Please note: This Facebook Group replaces the former Facebook Page of a similar name called "Hillcrest Townhouse Community." The Facebook Page is being phased out in favor of a safer Private Group.


Lawn Items Notice:

With Spring approaching please be sure all lawn decorations, ornaments, solar lights, etc. are protected in a mulch bed or rock bed so the landscapers won't damage them with mowers or string trimmers. We have had incidents in the past and going forward the landscapers will no longer be responsible for damage to unprotected items and may skip the area entirely.