Architectural Forms and Information

NOTE: Please inform the Architectural Committee prior to starting your project so they can help you in making the right choice for your application. Any exterior updates require you to submit a change request via this form:

Paint Colors

All residents are responsible for maintaining the exterior of their homes. If the doors or windows need painting, the following are the colors that can be purchased from Sherwin Williams in Brookhaven. Our community is on file at the Brookhaven Store if you forget the paint names. The choices are either red or brown.

  • Sherwin Williams "PENNEL BROWN"
    (for most homes)

  • Sherwin Williams "BARN RED"
    (for the 6 homes at the closed end of Hillcrest section)

  • Sherwin Williams "SUNDEW"
    (new color for drain pipes and flashing)

Any questions, please contact your Architectural Committee.

Roof Shingles

There is only one approved replacement shingle option:

Manufacturer: Tamko Building Products

Trees & Plantings

The following trees have been approved and are recommended for this area by a local nursery.


  • Cherry (Okame, Kwanzan)

  • Crabapple (Prairiefire)

  • Redbud (Eastern, Forest Pansy)

  • Dogwood (Florida, Kouza)

  • Hawthorn (Washington, Winter King Green)

  • Hornbeam (Fastigiate European)

  • Tree Lilac (Ivory Silk)

  • Pear (Cleveland)

  • Purple Leaf Plum (No variety)

  • Black Plum (No variety)

If you are interested in planting a tree that is not listed above, then please submit a request to have it approved by the Architectural Committee before doing so.


Garage Doors

The association reviewed and approved the following doors as replacements:

  1. Raised short panel steel door with polystyrene insulation and finished steel white painted inside panel is one choice.

  2. Flush style door with the same inside panel.

These doors do need to be painted in accordance with the homeowners association (details in the "Paint Colors" section of this page). An installer will remove the old door and haul it away. Disconnect and reconnect the opener (if it applies) and install new door and springs. The existing track should work with the new door, which helps keep the costs down.


The mailbox pictured below is the recommended replacement style, and can be purchased here: